Spring colors frame some of the garden relics

Spring colors frame some of the garden relics

Friday, June 25, 2010

Railroad Crossing Lights and Bell

The railroad crossing sign is a cobbled collection of four parts from three Virginia railroads from locations hundreds of miles apart. The grade crossing lights were found in an antique shop in Fairfield, Va. in December 2006 for a very small fraction of the usual going price. The unit was retired from use at a grade crossing near Midvale, milepost 174 on Norfolk & Western's Shenandoah line. It operates by an alternating, flashing timer.
The N&W crossing bell, manufactured by Western Railroad Supply Company, was provided by friend Rick Rader in May 2009. It had been retired from use on the former N&W's Radford Division. The bell and lights are wired through a timer so that they are on for several seconds and then off for a few minutes.
The circa 1930 crossing sign ("crossbuck") with glass beaded letters was found in an antique store in southeastern Virginia in October 2008. It was stabilized and restored to appear in its old condition. In other words, it was cleaned, sanded, primed, repainted and restored to look old again. It was manufactured by General Railway Supply Company for the Virginian Railway. The location of its use is uncertain, but it probably was used around Jarratt, Virginia, about milepost 75.
The glass beaded track number sign was a gift from friend Garland Harper in February 2009. It had been used at a crossing at Barboursville, Virginia on the Washington Division on the Southern Railway's double track right of way, but it was discarded by the railroad many years earlier.

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