Spring colors frame some of the garden relics

Spring colors frame some of the garden relics

Thursday, June 24, 2010

N&W - C&O sign for ND Cabin, Lynchburg, Va

In 1924, C&O Ry built a two story, brick interlocking tower in Lynchburg, Virginia beside the diamond of the N&W Ry crossing. The N&W double tracked "Old Mainline" tracks were from Island yard and points east, and to Union Station and points west in the opposite direction. The C&O tracks were from Richmond to the east and Clifton Forge to the west. The 1924 brick structure replaced an old wood building, also constructed by the C&O. To both railroads, it was known as ND cabin/tower. The Southern Railway also passed nearby but it crossed the N&W a few hundred yards to the west at "X" tower and for several decades all three railroads had passenger trains using Union Station, as well as streetcars of the Lynchburg Traction & Light Company. Both ND and NC towers were replaced about 1950 by the one story "NC" tower which was located across the N&W tracks, in front of Union Station. NC controlled movements on the nearby tracks of N&W, C&O and Southern Railways.

Having an original diagram book for railroad signs published by the C&O, I was able to make an accurate replica of the ND sign which was attached to the side of the brick building. Originally, there were two signs on either side of the southwest corner, at second floor level. On the eastern side, hung a sign, "N&W Crossing" which lasted into the 21st century!
The replica sign was finished and hung March 19, 2009. The picture of ND Cabin was made in February 2009.

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